"I wanted to let you know what a treasure you have with Robin and thank you for having her as one of your main yoga teachers.  She is amazing, smart, an incredibly skilled teacher, and what I particularly like about her and her classes is the extra step she takes to make sure that she is teaching her students in a manner appropriate for each person, their individual capabilities and any injury a student may have -- for example, by modifying the posture for that individual.  And, even in large classes, she keeps up with what is going on with the student during her class to ensure a safe and healthful class for all.  To boot, she is kind, funny and caring.  Her students are very lucky to have her as a teacher and her presence and classes are one of the main draws for me at Club One.  I live near the Fillmore club, but have begun going to the Nob Hill club to attend Robin's classes.  I just thought you would like to know.  I work in a managerial position myself and know that often, what we hear are the complaints, and not so much the praises.  When I can, I like to take the time to sing one's praise and for me, that is easy to do with Robin. Thank you." 
~ Margot Garey

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class this morning. You really connected with the students in the class in a way I haven't seen with other yoga instructors. It's funny how sometimes people enter our lives at the exact moment that we need them. I felt like you were one of these people."
~ S.Ferguson

"You are a wonderful teacher. You add a perfect blend of kinesthetic awareness, humor, & common sense to your class. I love it. You are not shy about pushing people and that is fabulous."
~ Vanessa, Club One Director

"Your vibrance jumps right off the page! In so many ways you set a perfect example for all your students inspiring them to MOVE with their body, their mind, and their inner self. Your age, your physical conditioning, your reach-out-and-grab-'em livliness, your spiritual beliefs, and your sincere interest in helping others – all combine to inspire, motivate, and astonish the fortunate people who work with you."
~ A Senior at the Sequoias SF

"I've been a Club One member for many years (approximately 10 years +/-). I enjoy and take many yoga classes at the club.   I'm writing to highlight that I find Robin's Basic Yoga class at Fillmore on Saturday 1:15 - 2:25  OUTSTANDING. She is one of most knowledgeable yoga instructor I've encounter in the S.F. Club One network. She is engaging, vested and most of all she teaches! In her classes, participant do not just "do" yoga poses.She builds the yoga poses from basic to more complex.   She challenges the more experienced students but also gives new comers alternative options.  She demos and may do hands-on adjustments. She varies the classes week to week to focus on different parts of the body and mind. Two weeks ago we had an awesome session that focused on hip joints. This past Saturday we had a very body nurturing and mind rewarding restorative class. It was a very nice change of pace. She prepared us well, informing us of the restorative theme at the beginning of the class. Afterwards, I heard positive comments from several other attendees also. Thank you for your attention."
~ Louise Lee
Vice President, Finance
Wells Fargo Bank – Home Equity

I really enjoy the club's yoga program. I've taken yoga at Nob Hill, US and YB. Each teacher brings something different. Robin is my favorite. (Don't ever let her leave)
~ Student at Club One

Robin is everything you'd want an Iyengar Yoga teacher to be: knowledgeable, precise, inspiring, compassionate -- and funny.  She's helped me take my practice to a whole new level. 
~ Jeff