Robin’s approach to practicing and teaching Yoga is the spirited expression of a creative blend of Movement, Art, Intuition, Intention and Reflection.

Robin has been running & jumping since she was a child in the streets of NYC. She grew up studying classical ballet in NY, was accepted into Juilliard, played stickball, stoopball, dodge ball, and competed in running track. She loves to move!

She also enjoys moving her lettering pen across the page as a calligrapher and is fascinated with manuscripts. Robin has been lettering in Hebrew & English since she was 17. Her professional degree is in Art and she studied lettering in England.

Robin relocated to San Francisco in 1981 where she continued studying Ballet at The Berkeley Ballet Theater, as well as Exercise Physiology at San Francisco State University. She began studying Yoga seriously in the early nineties and was blessed finding senior Iyengar teacher Manouso Manos, who is still her mentor today. In 1996, Robin had the opportunity to live her dream and study with BKS Iyengar in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her love of Yoga & Hebrew lettering was a calling to the Iyengar Yoga Convention in Israel that she will never forget. She received a certificate of study from this convention. Teaching Yoga and Hebrew letters also led Robin into the study of Ophanim, an authentic practice of Jewish Yoga that unifies body, breath, mind, and soul through the sacred forms of Hebrew Letters. She brings this study to Jewish Conferences.

Robin continues to study twice weekly with Manouso as well as weekly at The Iyengar Yoga Institute of SF. She has attended National Iyengar Conferences, and has studied with Geeta Iyengar and other senior teachers from all over the world. She holds a certificate from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program, Dr. James Gordon, 2006; Guided Imagery for Self-Healing, Dr. Martin Rossman, 2006; Yoga for People with Cancer Teacher Training with Jnani Chapman, RN, Parts l, ll, lll 2006-2009. Robin also attended the International Journal of Yoga Therapy SYTAR in 2007; and Mindfulness, Milestones and Meaning at the SF Theological Seminary in 2010.

Robin has been teaching Yoga full time since 1996 in SF Health Clubs, Corporations, (Visa Headquarters, Blue Shield), University of the Pacific Dental School, Wellness Centers, Adaptive Yoga Programs for Seniors and Cancer Patients, (Chair Yoga & Movement), Spas (Huntington Hotel), Kayaking & Yoga Workshops, Ageless Yoga, Yoga for Live Nation (Shoreline Amphitheater), and conducting private sessions for individual clients.

Robin is committed to a life full of love, creativity, an open heart, liberation, and transformation. Her life is a blessing.